brown flying bird.JPGmudgee.JPGCommissions

One of the advantages of dealing with an individual artist in these days of mass production is the fact that I love the challenge of a one-off commission and am happy to take them on. Small runs for a business or fundraising or a personalised dinner set or a particular sculpture are all possible.

I once made a dinner set for a chap that included his surname in every piece; from heraldic shields, to his name being spread on a piece of toast. It was a lot of fun. I have made many sets of mugs as fund raisers with peoples names, animals or a saying on them. Also many dinner services including an 18 person setting with many different pieces in it on a native theme.

Many schools and workplaces have shown their appreciation of their staff by ordering them a mug each with the business and the staff members name on each of them. These have been a great hit.

To organise one of these please contact me directly.


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