donkey designs

Donkeys have found their way onto my pots, like they do into peoples lives! more »»


more lustre rocks

more »»


lustre rocks

reduced arabic lustre rocks like those in our river. more »»


lustre vase

wide lustre bowl more »»


more rock pots

more »»


rock pots

lustre explorations based on river rocks. more »»


pelican bowl

a pelican desert bowl more »»


mosaic table

one of my mosaic tabletops using hand fired tiles. more »»



lustre glazes. more »»


lustre glaze

A glaze reflecting the movement of flame in the kiln more »»


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I have  been a professional potter since the mid 1980s.Working in my sunny studio I have never tired of the silky feel of clay running through my fingers. Being able to create form from a lump of rather nice mud. Opening the kiln is still has the excitement of Christmas morning. 

My blue and white pottery has found its way into many homes in many countries. Its a lovely feeling to have your work be a part of peoples lives.I feel that its important that the work feel as good to use as it is to look at.

Every one of my pots has been shaped by my hands on the wheel and decorated by hand. I love commissions as they allow my imagination to fly.

I have also explored many other possibilities with clay over the years, the main one being lustre. These are unique works of art, elusive  and exciting. Using precious metals and kiln atmospheres along with many many firings to achieve jewel like results.

Gift certificates are available to allow the reciever to make a more personal choice, just contact me.

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